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Wednesday, December 1 ^ TOP

World AIDS Day

Hanukkah begins at sundown and ends at nightfall
on December 9.

Thursday, December 2

First Day of Hanukkah

Friday, December 3


Saturday, December 4


Sunday, December 5 ^ TOP

Second Sunday of Advent

Monday, December 6 ^ TOP

Feast of St. Nicholas

Pay bills.

Tuesday, December 7

Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack

Put up the big Christmas wreath, the smaller wreathes
and the eight kissing balls.

Light all of the electric candles for the first time
this holiday season.

Wednesday, December 8


Thursday, December 9


Friday, December 10 ^ TOP

Concetta dePaola (my Italian grandmother) was born on this day.

Saturday, December 11


Sunday, December 12

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
(I wrote and illustrated the book THE LADY OF GUADALUPE.)

Third Sunday of Advent

Monday, December 13

Feast of St. Lucia

Pay bills.

Put up the indoor Christmas trees.

Tuesday, December 14


Wednesday, December 15


Thursday, December 16 ^ TOP

Las Posadas in a nine-day celebration beginning on
December 16 and ending on December 24.
(I wrote and illustrated the book THE NIGHT OF LAS POSADAS.)

Friday, December 17


Saturday, December 18


Sunday, December 19

Wrap presents and put them under the tree.

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Monday, December 20

Pay bills.

Tuesday, December 21

First Day of Winter – Winter Solstice
This is the shortest day of the year and
the longest night of the year.

Wednesday, December 22


Thursday, December 23


Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 25 ^ TOP

Christmas Day – Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 26

Boxing Day

First Day of Kwanzaa

In the Middle Ages, this was the day of the Friendly Beasts.

Monday, December 27

Pay bills.

Tuesday, December 28


Wednesday, December 29

Doctor's appointment

Thursday, December 30


Friday, December 31 ^ TOP

New Year's Eve


















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