The Baby Sister. IN PRINT "Tomie has an older brother named Buddy and lots and lots of cousins. So when his mother tells him that a new brother or sister is on the way, Tommy asks her for a baby sister with a red ribbon in her hair. But this is more than the story of Tommy and the family getting ready for the baby. At its heart is the relationship between Tommy and his Italian grandmother, Nana Fall-River, not quite understanding each other at a time when Tommy is excited about the baby yet missing his mother in the hospital. Nana is much stricter than his dear Aunt Nell, who was supposed to come and take care of the family. Through the joy of the new baby, Tommy and Nana start to appreciate each other, so that when Mom and his baby sister come home, the moment takes on special significance. Tomie dePaola has written many books for children, but among his most loved are those that center on experiences drawn from his childhood and the colorful extended family in which he grew up." (Ages 4-8) 1996

Beat the Drum: Independence Day Has Come, poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins. "Lee Bennett Hopkins and Tomie dePaola have once again assembled a dazzling and whimsical selection of poetry and pictures - this time to celebrate the Fourth of July. In Beat the Drum: Independence Day Has Come, a delightful sampling of verses from such diverse poets as Carl Sandburg, Shel Silverstein, and Stephen Vincent Benet reflect the joyfulness and sheer fun - parades, picnics, fireworks - and at the same time the patriotic aspects of this very important celebration. Tomie dePaola's exuberant red, white, and blue illustrations literally explode off the page! A perfect companion piece to the other books in this holiday series, Beat the Drum: Independence Day Has Come will enhance story hours and school assemblies or provide a happy time alone at home." (Ages 4-8) 1977

Benny's Big Bubble, by Jane O'Connor. IN PRINT "Read the simple words and rebus pictures to follow this story about Benny’s Big Bubble! Easy vocabulary and included flash cards make learning to read easy and fun." (Ages 3-5) 1997

Big Anthony and the Magic Ring. "When springtime arrives in the little town of Calabria, Strega Nona (Grandmother Witch) notices that her helper Big Anthony is less attentive than usual to his chores. 'What you need is a little Night Life,' she advises him. How her advice and, of course, a little of her magic conspire to raise Big Anthony's spring fever to an alarming degree will delight old fans and create new ones when they are introduced to Tomie dePaola's warm, zany world of human nature and its foibles." (Ages 4-8) 1979 (Newly published in 2018 as Strega Nona's Magic Ring.)

Big Anthony, His Story. IN PRINT "Strega Nona fans will love this story of Big Anthony, the bumbling but lovable helper to whom she has remained loyal all these years, even after he used her magic pot and almost drowned the town in pasta in his first - but not his last - disaster. How did Big Anthony find Strega Nona in her little house in Calabria? Life for Big Anthony began on a farm in northern Italy. From the day he was born, he didn't pay attention. And that meant trouble. Nonna Graziella was the first to realize what lay ahead when he got everyone wet at his christening. And by the time he was a teenager, he had messed up so many things on the farm that his father sent him away to find work. Some of the cities he passed through have never been the same: Pisa, Firenze, Roma, Napoli. Tomie dePaola lovingly pictures Big Anthony's family and hilarious episodes from his life - such as what happened when he left all the gates open on the farm, or when he slept against the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or when he met a Cardinal on a bridge in Roma. Big Anthony will always be a favorite character among Tomie's fans. Strega Nona said it best in describing Big Anthony: 'He's adorable... but MAMMA MIA!'" (Ages 4-8) 1998

Bill and Pete. IN PRINT "A classic-in-the-making! Renowned author-illustrator Tomie dePaola, who knows exactly how to tickle young funny bones, gives us the hilarious adventures of brave Bill the crocodile, and his best friend, Pete, the 'toothbrush' bird." (Ages 4-8) 1978

Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile. IN PRINT "It's a new school year, as William Everett Crocodile and his trusty friend and toothbrush, Pete, prepare for a class trip down the Nile. They're ready for the mysterious Sphinx. They're ready for mummies and pyramids. Their teacher, Ms. Ibis, has even promised them a glimpse of the priceless jewel called 'the Sacred Eye of Isis.' But are Bill and Pete ready for the Bad Guy, up to his usual no-good tricks? Come along on this fast-paced and funny adventure with Bill and Pete, and find out. (Ages 4-8) 1987

Bill and Pete to the Rescue. IN PRINT "Little Jane Allison Crocodile has been kidnapped by the Bad Guy's Big Bad Brother from Louisiana! Stowing away on a ship bound for New Orleans, Bill and his bird buddy, Pete, head to the rescue. But Pete gets caught by the Rich Lady and it's up to Bill to save the day." (Ages 4-8)

The Birds of Bethlehem. IN PRINT/eBook "It's the morning of the first Christmas, and the birds of Bethlehem are gathering in the fields to eat breakfast - and share exciting news. People from all over are coming to Bethlehem. The inn in town is full. An angel has appeared in the night sky. Something extraordinary must be coming... This unique tale tells the story of the Nativity from a bird's-eye view. In simple language and dazzling paintings, beloved author-illustrator Tomie dePaola captures the anticipation and awe of the first Christmas. His appealing cast of colorful, curious birds will enchant children of all ages." (Ages 3-5) 2012

Bonjour, Mr. Satie. "Mr. Satie is a traveling cat. But every summer he returns to Centerville, USA, to visit his niece and nephew, Rosalie and Conrad. They love it when Uncle Satie come to stay, because he always has exciting stories to tell about his adventures abroad with his friend Ffortusque Ffollet, Esq. This year they have been in Paris, where they found themselves at the center of an art dispute. It all began one Sunday evening when Gertrude and Alice, their American friends living in Paris, invited them to the rue de Fleurus to gather with many of the famous celebrities of Paris. Pablo was to show his paintings, when, unexpectedly, Henri arrived from Nice with his new paintings, and the arguing began... Tomie dePaola illustrates this most original story in extraordinary paintings which capture his imaginary characters alongside the fascinating personalities who lived in Paris in the twenties. Like Rosalie and Conrad, children will love Mr. Satie and his adventures just for what they are; but later, when they are older and they come across these famous artists and writers, they will remember them as the good friends of Mr. Satie." (Ages 4 and up) 1991

Boss for a Day. IN PRINT "Moffie and Morgie are twins. Moffie is ten minutes older. She likes to be the boss. But now it is Morgie's turn!" (Ages 6-7) 2001 BARKER TWINS BOOKS

Brava, Strega Nona! A Heartwarming Pop-Up Book, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, paper engineering by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. "The wonderfully wise Strega Nona shares the six ingredients that make life magical in magnificent pop-up spreads. This glorious celebration of life and love, family and friends will make you want to shout 'Brava! Well done!'" (Ages 3 and up) 2008

The Bubble Factory. Twins get into "bubble trouble" when they tour a bubble factory with their grandfather. (Ages 4-8) 1996