Adelita: A Mexican Cinderella Story. IN PRINT "Tomie dePaola draws upon the Cinderella story in an original and imaginary tale set in Mexico, land of light and color. A haughty stepmother and her foolish daughters, a faithful nurse, a handsome young man in search of a wife - and Adelita, the young woman at the center of the story - are cast in this enchanting tale in which a rebozo - shawl - is the turning point for Javier as he searches for the beautiful and mysterious woman who disappears from his fiesta at midnight. A favorite theme takes a delightful twist in a tale that is both humorous and touching. Exquisite paintings, filled with the folk art of Mexico, make this like no other Cinderella." (Ages 4-8) 2002

Alice Nizzy Nazzy: The Witch of Santa Fe, by Tony Johnston. "Alice Nizzy Nazzy, with beady eyes and strings of chiles for hair, is so old and so mean, people say she's a witch. She lives in an adobe hut that has roadrunner feet, and she loves to eat naughty children. Manuela has lost her sheep, and their tracks lead straight to the witch's fence. The fence tells her to go away. But Manuela walks right in, peeks into the kitchen and meets -- Alice Nizzy Nazzy herself! Oh my!" (Ages 4-8) 1995

ANDY & SANDY #1: When Andy Met Sandy. IN PRINT/eBook "From Caldecott and Newbery Honoree, Tomie dePaola, and Emmy Award-winning writer for the Muppets Jim Lewis comes the first book in a brand-new easy-to-read picture book series about friendship. Andy is small. Sandy is tall. Andy is quiet. Sandy is LOUD. But when these two seemingly opposites meet at a playground one day, it might just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Written in simple words and short, declarative sentences, this book is perfect for little ones just learning to read on their own." (Ages 4-8) 2016

ANDY & SANDY #2: Andy & Sandy's Anything Adventure. IN PRINT/eBook "Andy and Sandy may be opposites, but they're best friends. And when they get together to play dress up, anything can happen." (Ages 4-8) 2016

ANDY & SANDY #3: Andy & Sandy and the First Snow. IN PRINT/eBook "Andy and Sandy play in the snow in this third book of an easy-to-read picture book series about friendship. When the first big snow of winter hits, Sandy wants to play outside - but Andy isn't so sure. After all, snow is very wet and very cold! But Sandy drags Andy along to make a snowman, go sledding, and make snow angels. Will Andy discover that snow can be fun - despite being wet and cold?" (Ages 4-8) 2016

ANDY & SANDY #4: Andy & Sandy and the Big Talent Show. IN PRINT/eBook "Andy and Sandy hit the stage in this fourth book of an easy-to-read picture book series about friendship. Outgoing Sandy convinces shy Andy to do a dance at the big talent show. The only problem? Andy doesn't know how to dance! Luckily, Sandy is a good teacher. But when showtime finally arrives, it's Sandy who freezes up! A true friend through and through, Andy overcomes his shyness to save the performance. Let's give a standing ovation to friendship!" (Ages 4-8) 2017

Andy, That's My Name. IN PRINT/eBook "In this special reissue of Tomie dePaola's classic 1973 picture book, the big kids decide to play with Andy's letters and Andy is left out of their game. But sometimes even a little guy can win in the end!" (Ages 4-8) 1973/2015

Angels, Angels Everywhere. "Tomie dePaola presents an appealing collection of "everyday" angels, rendered in luminous fresco-style illustrations. Using just the names of the angels as text, he artfully shows how these angels help kids throughout the course of a typical day. From the Get-Dressed Angel in the morning to the Goodnight Angel at night, Angels, Angels Everywhere is a wonderful celebration of warmth and giving sure to lend comfort to any reader. After all, everyone can use an angel." (Ages 1 and up) 2005

Artist to Artist: 23 Major Illustrators Talk to Children About Their Art, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, and others. "In this remarkable and beautiful anthology featuring the likes of Maurice Sendak, Robert Sabuda, Rosemary Wells, and Eric Carle, twenty-three of the most honored and beloved artists in children's literature talk informally to children, sharing secrets about their art and how they began their adventures into illustration. Foldout pages featuring photographs of their early work, their studios and materials, as well as sketches and finished art, create an exuberant feast for the eye that will attract both children and adults. Self-portraits of each of the contributors crown this important anthology that celebrates the artists and the art of the picture book. An event book for the ages." (Ages 5-8) 2007

The Art Lesson. IN PRINT "Tommy knows he wants to be an artist when he grows up. He draws pictures wherever he goes. His family hangs them all around the house and his friends think he's the best artist ever. Tommy can't wait to start school and have real art lessons with Mrs. Bowers, who wears a blue smock and carries a box of colored chalks when she goes into the classroom. But Tommy is surprised and dismayed when he gets to school and finds out that there are "rules" to follow. He must use the school crayons and not his new box of sixty-four different colors. And, instead of doing a picture from his imagination, he's supposed to copy Mrs. Bowers' drawing up on the blackboard. But Mrs. Bowers is quick to recognize that in Tommy she has a talented and original young artist, and together they reach a fair compromise, which allows Tommy the freedom to imagine and create. A wonderfully perceptive picture book about growing up and keeping one's individuality." (Ages 2-5) 1989

Authorized Autumn Charts of the Upper Red Canoe River Country, by Peter Zachary Cohen. "Have you ever yearned for adventure? Have you ever wanted to set out on your own for a trip through fierce dangers? These charts give directions for two such trips. Both trips here are by canoe. Maps and pictures are the guides, as well as words. But the book does not pretend to show the only ways the trips can be taken. Everyone is free to make his own charts. Or even to use the idea here for planning another kind of trip entirely. Some people like to walk, some like to ride bicycles, and some like to fly gliders. A trip can be planned on any basis, once the basic pattern has been set. This book is fun to read just as it is. It is fun to remake in different ways. But the best fun of all is using the idea and creating completely new nonsense adventures, real or on paper. With the right point of view, even a backyard can hold a maze of adventure." (Ages 6-8) 1972