The Family Christmas Tree Book. eBook "In this warmly illustrated book, a family trims its Christmas tree. As the mother, father, grandmother, and children decorate together, they tell the story of how Christmas trees came to be, including the changes in size and appearance over time, and the way ornaments were first introduced. Tomie dePaola effortlessly weaves together little-known historical facts with the story of one family’s traditions." (Ages 4-8) 1980

Fat Magic, by Steven Kroll. "Ice cream sundaes, chocolate layer cake, sugar doughnuts, chocolate eclairs, pies and puddings - when Prince Timothy isn't eating them, he's thinking about them. Everyone makes fun of Timothy, but one day Edgar, the court magician, goes too far. He casts a spell that makes Timothy very fat - and Timothy finds a way to end the teasing once and for all." (Ages 4-8) 1978

Fight the Night. "Ronald was playing hide and seek and just as he was ready to run for home base he heard his mother's familiar call, 'Time to go to bed, Ronald.' The Night always seemed to come at the wrong time and Ronald decided that even if he had to go to bed, he would not sleep. He would stay awake and fight the Night. He got his flashlight and put on his helmet and cape. Then he pulled the covers over his head and waited for the Night. Ronald's search for his enemy, the courageous battle, and the final outcome result in a fitting reward and a surprise ending." (Ages 4-8) 1968

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers, by Joan M. Lexau. "Max's troubles begin, as always, when his mother tells him to 'keep an eye' on Amanda, his little sister. Then Mother's frying pan disappears and Max knows he has to find it. He has not let Amanda take it, but he suspects she has it. Amanda does have the frying pan and uses it for baking mud pies, but unfortunately she then loses it. Max's hunt for the missing frying pan, and the complicated bargaining that ensues before he regains it, makes him wish with all his heart that he had kept an eye on Amanda in the beginning. Joan M. Lexau has a deft hand at writing stories for the beginning reader. The mystery of the missing frying pan will be enjoyed and read again and again by children." (Ages 4-8) 1967

Fin M'Coul: The Giant of Knockmany Hill. IN PRINT/eBook "No giant is more scared of Cucullin, the strongest giant in Ireland, than Fin M'Coul. For years Cucullin has chased Fin, hoping to flatten him as he did the thunderbolt he carries in his pocket. One day, when Fin hears Cucullin is coming, he rushes home to his wife, Oonagh, on Knockmany Hill. Oonagh decides that enough is enough. The time has come for her to take matters into her own hands and help her husband. Knowing the secret of Cucullin's strength, and using her good Irish cleverness, she prepares a scheme that is sure to work. When Cucullin arrives at Knockmany Hill, he discovers that his strength is no match for the lovely lass, Oonagh, and Fin M'Coul." (Ages 5-8) 1981

The First Christmas: A Festive Pop-Up Book. "The joyful celebration of Christmas each year honors the birth of the child Jesus in Bethlehem, almost two thousand years ago. Tomie dePaola lovingly re-creates the story of the first Christmas in exquisite three-dimensional scenes that are beautifully constructed to change and move, making an unusual family creche, which can be passed on from generation to generation." (Ages 3-5) 1984

The Folklore of Love and Courtship: The Charms and Divinations, Beliefs and Superstitions, Signs and Prospects of LOVE, Sweet LOVE, selected and edited by Duncan Emrich. "Here is a recipe collection that no single girl actively or passively discontent with her status can afford to ignore. A good many of the offerings indicate practical possibilities for the want-to-be-wooed: 'On Easter Monday, put on one black garter and one yellow one, and wear them constantly, and you'll have a proposal before the year it out.' 'Wrap nine peas in a piece of paper upon which you have written the words - Come in, come in, my dear. Slip this piece of paper under the doormat, and the first unmarried man to enter will be your future husband.' Testimonials are included as well, to win over twentieth-century sceptics: 'Here is a sure shot for an old maid to get a husband within a year. Raise a game rooster to 11-months old. Kill and draw before the body cools, cut the heart out & swallow whole as fast as it can be removed blood and all, and if she don't choke to death she will be married in 11 months. Our school teacher tried it & she married the janitor. She was 58 and he 61.' This is an all-for-fun collection from American folklore, which carries with it belief and hope that love may come true. These gems were gathered by Duncan Emrich, a former chief of the Folklore Section of the Library of Congress and currently professor of folklore at American University in Washington, D.C." (Ages 12 and up) 1970

The Folklore of Weddings and Marriage: Traditional Beliefs, Customs, Superstitions, Charms and Omens of Marriage and Marriage Ceremonies, selected and edited by Duncan Emrich. "Did you know that one reason the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand is that the ancient Egyptians believed that a nerve or vein ran directly from that finger to the heart, controller of life and love? A multitude of customs and folk beliefs about weddings and marriage have been gathered together from old and modern sources by Duncan Emrich - a former chief of the Folklore Section of the Library of Congress and currently professor of folklore at American University in Washington, D.C. - in this charming book, which prospective bridegrooms will find as fascinating as will brides-to-be. No altar-bound couple of your acquaintance will want to risk the bad luck that may attend the bride's dropping her handkerchief 'either when stepping into or alighting from her carriage.' (Pin it on, perhaps, as your mother used to do for you when you left for kindergarten each morning?) This book will make a thoughtful prenuptial trifle for the pair who have already received more gravy ladles and fondue pots than they can use even if they live to celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary." (Ages 12 and up) 1970

Four Friends at Christmas. IN PRINT "Mister Frog has slept through Christmas every year, and every year he has listened to his three friends talk about how wonderful it is.  'Oh, Froggy, you would love it! Turkey, plum pudding, candy canes, lots of good things to eat,' says Mistress Pig. 'Candles, angels, and Christmas trees,' says Missy Cat. 'Yule logs, Christmas carols, and Santa Claus,' adds Master Dog. And this year, Mister Frog is determined not to miss it - but oh, if he could just take one small nap... Join the world-renowned children's author and illustrator Tomie dePaola as he celebrates the joyful mystery that is Christmas with Mister Frog, Missy Cat, Master Dog, and Mistress Pig. Infused with comradely warmth and colorfully irresistible pictures, Four Friends at Christmas, is a Christmas present just waiting to be opened." (Ages 3-6) 1977/2002

Four Friends in Autumn. IN PRINT "It's autumn! The air is cool and crisp, and the leaves have changed to bright golds and reds. Mistress Pig wants to celebrate her favorite season by cooking a big feast for her friends. Mister Frog, Missy Cat, and Master Dog can't wait to taste all the delicious food. But why is it taking so long for Mistress Pig to come out of the kitchen? You'll never believe what happened to dinner! Join Tomie dePaola's beloved characters as they realize that every meal tastes better when served with a healthy dollop of friendship." (Ages 4-8) 1977/2004

Four Friends in Summer. IN PRINT "What could be more fun than sunny days with your friends? The weather is getting warm and Mister Frog, Mistress Pig, Missy Cat, and Master Dog are looking forward to pleasant days spent in the park, rowing, and tending to their gardens. But their plans don't always turn out the way they think! Join Tomie dePaola's beloved and classic characters as they learn that it doesn't matter how those carefree days are spent - as long as you're with your friends!" (Ages 4-8) 1977/2003

Francis, the Poor Man of Assisi. eBook "Francis di Bernardone was born in the small Italian town of Assisi in 1182 A.D. The son of a wealthy cloth merchant, he enjoyed the privileged life of a young nobleman. Many a night, the good people of Assisi were awakened from a sound sleep by the noise of his loud singing and guitar playing. But as Francis grew older, he began to change. After serving in one war and being forced home by illness from another, his worldly experiences no longer satisfied him. A love for poverty, nature, simplicity, and joy - these were the qualities that gradually seemed important. As the desire to lead a simpler life became pressing, Francis renounced his father in front of the citizens of Assisi and exchanged his wealthy life for one of poverty. He wandered the streets, begging his meals and preaching about the joy of Lady Poverty. Slowly, he began to attract a loyal group of followers, the first 'brothers' in the famous order that he founded. Together, they traveled across the country, helping the poor and rejoicing in the love of God. Among those who heard Francis was Clare Scifi, the beautiful daughter of a nobleman of Assisi. She was so moved by his teaching that she left her family and started the order of Poor Sisters. She and Francis became lifelong friends and companions. In 1228, two years after his death, Francis was proclaimed a saint. To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the birth of Francis of Assisi, Tomie dePaola has brought his extraordinary talents to illuminate, both in words and in paintings, this beloved man's remarkable life." (Ages 4 and up) 1982

Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself, by Margaret Frith. IN PRINT "Through original artwork by the renowned artist Tomie dePaola - a longtime aficionado of Frida Kahlo's work - as well as beautiful reproductions of Kahlo's paintings, this latest Smart About book explores the creative, imaginative world of Mexico's most celebrated female artist." (Ages 5-9) 2003

The Friendly Beasts: An Old English Christmas Carol. IN PRINT "In this old English Christmas carol, the friendly stable beasts tell of the gifts they have given to the newborn Jesus." (Ages 4-8) 1981

Funnyman's First Case, by Stephen Mooser. "A wisecracking waiter uses some of his best jokes to foil a robbery." (Ages 5-8) 1981