Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs. IN PRINT "Originally published in 1973, Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs is a wonderful generational story that has become a classic in its own right. It is the first of many picture books in which artist/author Tomie dePaola draws on his own childhood experiences. Every Sunday, Tommy runs into the house, says hello to this grandmother, Nana Downstairs, in the kitchen, then runs up the back stairs to his great-grandmother, Nana Upstairs, in her bedroom. As the day unfolds, young children will understand the loving companionship that exists between Tommy and his two Nanas." (Ages 4-8) 1973/1998

A New Barker in the House. "The Barker twins, Morgie and Moffie, are about to get a new brother! But he's not a baby. His name is Marcos; he's three years old; and he only speaks Spanish. Morgie and Moffie are very excited! What will he look like? wonders Moffie. 'I wonder if he can walk,' says Morgie. When Marcos arrives, he says, 'Hola,' and soon the whole Barker family is learning some Spanish. As he plays dollies with Moffie and dinosaurs with Morgie, Marcos is learning some English too. Morgie and Moffie even want to bring Marcos to school for show-and-tell. It's not long before all five Barkers know the world for family in both English and Spanish. Now everyone knows that Marcos belongs right in the middle of this happy familia." (Ages 4-8) 2002

The Night Before Christmas, by Clement Moore. IN PRINT "'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. . . . Clement Moore's much-loved poem, written as a gift for his six children on Christmas Eve, has touched the hearts of families ever since it was first published in 1822. Legendary author/illustrator Tomie dePaola has set the poem in a mid-nineteenth-century New England town perfectly suited to the nostalgic text. The illustrations were modeled after dePaola's own home in a small New Hampshire village, and the borders are based on stunning designs from New England quilts from his own collection. Now this classic edition can be enjoyed by the very youngest readers as a board book." (Ages Baby-3) 1980 CHRISTMAS BOOKS

The Night of Las Posadas. IN PRINT "Christmas Eve in Santa Fe is celebrated by the traditional procession Las Posadas. Sister Angie arranges for the people of a nearby mountain village to re-enact Mary and Joseph's search for shelter the night baby Jesus was born. This year was going to be extra special. Sister Angie's niece, Lupe, and Lupe's husband, Roberto, were to play the part of Mary and Joseph. The whole village had been practicing for weeks. Everything was going to be perfect. But when sister Angie becomes sick and Lupe and Roberto get stuck in a snowstorm, only a miracle can save Las Posadas. Tomie dePaola's glorious paintings, illuminated by the farolitos that light the way for the procession as it winds through the Plaza, capture the spirit and beauty of this southwestern Christmas tradition." (Ages 4-8) 1999

Now One Foot, Now the Other. IN PRINT "Originally published in 1981, Now One Foot, Now the Other lovingly and perceptively explores the relationship between a child and his grandfather in a situation experienced by many families. Bobby and his grandfather, Bob, did so many things together. Then Bob suffered a stroke, and Bobby was frightened and confused until he realized that even though Bob couldn't move or talk, he knew what was happening around him. And it was Bobby who began to help Bob with some of the things his grandfather had helped him with as a little boy - how to eat by himself, to talk, and even to walk again." (Ages 5-8) 1981/2005 More Information

Odd Jobs, by Tony Johnston. "Odd Jobs was willing to take on any job. The odder the better - that was his motto. So when Dolly Finch needed someone to wash her dog Bouncer, whom did she go to? Odd Jobs, of course. And when Lumpy Edwards needed someone to take his place at dancing class, whom did he turn to? Why, Odd Jobs, naturally. And when Benny Benson needed a balloon sitter to protect his new balloon from his balloon-popping brother, who was his natural choice? Odd Jobs, that's who. In this easy-to-read storybook Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola join forces to create a zany character whose comic adventures will brighten the dreariest of days!" (Ages 4-8) 1977

Odd Jobs and Friends, by Tony Johnston. "Odd Jobs will take on any job, the odder the better. This young jack-of-all-trades gets into the craziest predicaments in this companion book to Odd Jobs. In three hilarious new adventures, Odd Jobs tackles some unexpected dilemmas. In his first assignment, he must devise a plan to outsmart Billy Sweeny and keep him from drawing red hearts all over Shortie's new arm cast. Then he tries to teach Annie how to blow bubbles with bubblegum, and that's not easy. Finally Floyd, the new kid on the block, hires Odd Jobs to keep him company until he finds a friend. There are some funny surprises in store for readers in these zany easy-to-read stories. Odd Jobs' spirit and resourcefulness will keep children laughing as they share his fun and high jinks." (Ages 5-8) 1982

Oh, Such Foolishness! poems selected by William Cole. "Here is a new compendium of foolish verse from the nonsense archives of William Cole. Many poets, both the well known and the Anon., have taken pen in hand to describe the hippopotamus, the sausage, purple eyeglasses, sneezes, spaghetti, and other important subjects. These laughable lines are complemented by Tomie dePaola's droll ink-and-pencil drawings, which are every bit as comical as the delectably ridiculous poems. Caution: If you are on a laugh-free diet, do not read this book!" (Ages 4-8) 1978

Old Man Whickutt's Donkey, by Mary Calhoun. "You can bet your boots that Old man Whickutt is not about to try pleasing everybody - ever again. Not after all the troubles he, his grandson and the family donkey encounter one day on their way down the mountainside to the mill. The first mistake is listening to Granny Pollard: Why walk, says she, when there's a donkey to ride? So Old Man Whickutt obliges by straddling his donkey. Well and good. Farther on down the trail, they meet up with Preacher Hawkins. A grown man riding while his poor boy has to walk? Shame! says he, thereby causing a hasty exchange of passengers. More helpful neighbors met, more well-meant advice offered. And Old Man Whickutt tries his dernedest to please each and everyone, all the way to the mill. When even the miller has some unwanted advice to give, Old Man Whickutt at last rebels. Derned if he doesn't! Mary Calhoun's mountain rendition of a familiar fable is perfectly matched by Tomie dePaola's homespun illustrations." (Ages 4-8) 1975

Oliver Button Is a Sissy. IN PRINT/eBook "Oliver Button is a sissy. At least that's what the other boys call him. But here's what Oliver Button really is: a reader, and an artist, and a singer, and a dancer, and more. What will his classmates say when he steps into the spotlight? This beautiful new edition of Tomie dePaola's progressive 1979 classic stars a special little boy who won't give up on the dreams that make him unique." (Ages 4-8) 1979/2017

Once Upon a Dinkelsbuhl, by Patricia Lee Gauch. "The legend of Lore, the gatekeeper's daughter, is still told in the little German town of Dinkelsbuhl. Once a flourishing medieval city, pretty little Dinkelsbuhl was invaded again and again by foreign armies. The adults were so discouraged that they stayed in their houses and let vines twist up over the walls and grass grow between the cobblestones. Only the children remained cheerful. Then yet another army advanced on the city walls. This time the children, led by Lore, would play a part in saving their city." (Ages 4-8) 1977

Once Upon a Time... Celebrating the Magic of Children's Books in Honor of the Twentieth Anniversary of Reading Is Fundamental, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, and others. Twenty-nine "beloved authors and artists have generously contributed their talents to create this unique book in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). Warm-hearted memories, poignant stories, and hilarious anecdotes all come alive in the words and illustrations of this rich and varied collection by some of today's most outstanding creators of books for children. Most of the selections have been created especially for this book; a few have been published previously. Some are based on real experiences, others are fictional, but all celebrate the joys of reading and the magic of children's books. Here is a book designed for the lasting pleasure of both children and adults: one that will entertain and inspire children who are just beginning to explore the magical world of reading, rekindle the memories of adults, and be cherished by everyone who loves children's books." (All Ages) 1986

OZ: The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, and others. "Can it really be one hundred years ago that a little girl from Kansas rode a tornado to a wondrous land called Oz? The adventures of Dorothy and her friends have enthralled generations of readers over the last century. Now, in OZ: The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration, thirty beloved children's book authors and artists pay tribute to the enchanted land that has done so much to nourish our imaginations, to make us laugh, and to inspire us. In words and images, these great storytellers and illustrators pay homage to an American classic. From a joyous vision of skipping down the Yellow Brick Road alongside Toto... to moving memories of turning to Oz as a source of comfort during wartime... to warm tales of parents and children sharing the pleasure of discovering a magical world together, these reflections celebrate all that is most special about Oz. Oz has proved to be an image of hope in the most difficult of circumstances, and the vivid words of L. Frank Baum have entranced even the most reluctant of young readers. Appropriately then, in addition to offering tributes to Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion, and their friends, OZ: The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration honors reading itself. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), which brings diverse literacy activities and free, new books to three and a half million children every year." (Ages 1 and up) 2000