Ghost Poems, edited by Daisy Wallace. "Have you ever met a ghost that sings? Or heard a tiny ghost say BOO? Or watched two ghosts trading heads? Or seen the ghostly grocer of Grumble Grove? All kinds of ghosts float eerily through these seventeen poems, some of them original, by Lilian Moore, Jack Prelutsky, X.J. Kennedy, and others. So beware! From ghoulies and ghosties, Long-leggity beasties, And things that go BUMP in the night, Good Lord deliver us." (Ages 4-8) 1979

The Ghost with the Halloween Hiccups, by Stephen Mooser. "The lead in the Halloween play has the hiccups and none of the townspeople's remedies work." (Ages 4-8) 1977

The Giants' Farm, by Jane Yolen. "Long ago there were five giants who wanted to live together on a farm. There was Grizzle, who was the biggest, and Stout, who was the fattest. There were the twins, Grab and Grub. And there was Dab, who was the smallest. The giants build their house and furnish it, plant crops and harvest them. They share the fun of sunny days and the boredom of gray ones. Most of all, they enjoy doing things together and being part of a family. Jane Yolen's first easy-to-read story is told with gentleness and humor, and Tomie dePaola's amusing pictures capture the personalities of all five giants, from looming Grizzle to owlish Dab." (Ages 4-8) 1977

The Giants Go Camping, by Jane Yolen. "Once there were five giants who lived together on Fe-Fi-Fo-Farm. There was Grizzle, who was the tallest, and Stout, who was the fattest. There were the twins, Grab and Grub. And there was Dab, who was the smallest. One hot summer day the giants decided to go on a camping trip. After arranging for farm sitters, they drove off in their van which was not quite large enough for all of them. Sometimes the twins' feet stuck out the window. In the mountains their vacation fun began. Grab and Grub grew tired of climbing rocks and made a hammock. But they quickly learned that a hammock is easier to fall out of than it is to climb into. Grizzle went for a walk one morning and bumped into something big and shaggy and black. He thought it was a dog and brought it back to camp with him. But the other giants knew it was a bear. The giants' escapades will amuse all those who enjoyed Jane Yolen's previous book about the same characters, The Giants' Farm, and will attract many new fans, too. Once again Tomie dePaola's lively drawings contribute to the fun and high spirits." (Ages 4-8) 1979

Giorgio's Village: A Pop-Up Book. "Untie the ribbons, open the gate, and step into the magical world of an Italian Renaissance village. In six colorful stagelike settings, there are windows and doors to open and tabs to pull which make things move and change. Tomie dePaola, internationally acclaimed artist/author, has created an exciting, three-dimensional, visual experience for young and old." (Ages 5-6) 1982

The Good Giants and the Bad Pukwudgies, by Jean Fritz. "It may be hard to believe that the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket could be formed from the sand tossed out from a giant's moccasin, but that's how the story goes. And there's more to it than that. Because when the giant Maushop, his wife Quant, and their five sons lived on the Narrow Land, there weren't just people and giants there; there were also strange and mischievous little creatures who might appear sometimes as mosquitoes or sometimes as fireflies, but who were foremost and always bad pukwudgies. The Narrow Land was in chaos in those days, because the pukwudgies were always causing trouble and the good giant Maushop was often too lazy to help. Jean Fritz has drawn from old legends to write of the formation of Cape Cod and the surrounding islands, and in her superb storytelling brings forth the wonderful adventures of magical creatures. Tomie dePaola captures not only the humor of the little pukwudgies, but the serenity and lushness of the islands, and the special grace of a good giant." (Ages 4-8) 1982

The Good Samaritan, and Other Parables. IN PRINT Previously titled The Parables of Jesus. "When Jesus of Nazareth taught his disciples, he often spoke to them in simple stories called parables. In this opulent book Tomie dePaola has retold and masterfully illustrated seventeen of Jesus's most cherished lessons. The Prodigal Son, the Mustard Seed, the Lost Sheep, the Hidden Treasure, and others are included. Tomie dePaola drew inspiration for his gemlike paintings from studies of Christian art of the Romanesque period. The result is a lavishly illustrated treasury." (Ages 4 and up) 1987/2017

The Great Adventure of Christopher Columbus: A Pop-Up Book, by Jean Fritz. "Columbus sails the ocean blue in the striking three-dimensional scenes of this deluxe pop-up picture book - with tabs to pull, doors to open, and fold-out panels to read! Jean Fritz's lively, good-humored narrative and Tomie dePaola's vibrant, distinctive illustrations bring to life the fascinating tale of Christopher Columbus's most important voyage." (Ages 4-8) 1992

Guess Who's Coming to Santa's for Dinner? "'Are you sure?' Mrs. Claus asks Santa when he invites the whole family for Christmas dinner. One by one they arrive... Uncle Alfred, the inventor, Sister Olga, the opera singer, Baby Willie, his old friend Lars... and many more aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. With a rambunctious family like Santa's, chaos is bound to erupt. But in the spirit of the season, everyone has a wonderful time, even the frazzled hosts. Christmas was always the center of the boisterous dePaola family, but even Tomie never had a Christmas dinner like this?" (Ages 4-8) 2004