Here’s a “chronological” slideshow of the first 50 years of Tomie’s illustrated books, 1965 - 2014.

Click HERE to see a “chronological” slideshow of the next 50 years of Tomie’s illustrated books, 2015 on.

SOUND is indeed his first book. The rest of the books are arranged alphabetically by year. See Complete List to understand what I mean by “arranged alphabetically by year.”

I have not included books that he wrote, but did not illustrate. I have not included charitable editions - that is, books he contributed an illustration or more, but did not illustrate the front jacket. I have not included derivatives - that is, a book or books created from an original source, such as, TOMIE’S BAA, BAA, BLACK SHEEP AND OTHER RYHMES which was made using images and text in TOMIE DEPAOLA’S MOTHER GOOSE STORY STREAMERS.

I have not included updated, refreshed editions of books. For example, THE KIDS’ CAT BOOK has been updated and refreshed and is now published as TOMIE DEPAOLA’S CATS AND KITTENS. The original edition, THE KIDS’ CAT BOOK, is the edition featured in this slideshow.

I have included two editions of NANA UPSTAIRS & NANA DOWNSTAIRS, 1973 and 1998. Although the text is the same in each, the illustrations in the 1998 edition were newly drawn.

I’ve yet to scan Tomie’s jacket illustration for MARIO’S MYSTERY MACHINE. The title pages are featured instead.

The intention here is to let you see his style evolve from first book to most recent.